“When all of your wishes are granted, many of your dreams will be destroyed.”

Beauty is in it's embrace

who will watch over you...

16| True Blaugrana | Unoriginal | Hyper | Crackaddict | Fangirls sometimes | Socially retarded | Tactless | Closetted emo | Loves poking fun at friends | Noisy in whatever she does | Adobe-whore | Music freak | Football is her life | Wonders why the previous one wasn't top of the list | talks to herself randomly | gets easily bored while spamposting | is quite bored of typing about herself | remembers there's no mention of Milan ♥ | MEEELLLAAANNNN!!! | has a unhealthy obsession with Maldini but reproaches friends for crushing on old people | hypocrite | wow, this is too dull to continue | you probably don't care |

when I'm gone.

let's get this over with.

I hate: RAUL| NEKKID RAUL | REAL MADRID | POSERS | HOMOPHOBES | LIARS | PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING REAL MADRID except maybe iker | this is tiring...can I move to 'i love' already?

I Love: BOJANNN!!! | LEOO!! |'!' MARKS| MALDINI!!!! | KAKA! | READ THE OTHER THINGS IN THE FIRST SECTION PLSKTHX. (I needed an excuse to squee at my fangirl objects)


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